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This Is Why The Jaguar F-PACE Was The Least Reliable Car In 2017

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace is a fun-to-drive vehicle with a roomy cabin. However, it doesn’t rank very high because of its weak base engine and reliability issues.

After the compact midsize SUV became popular, with models like Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5 leading the segment. Jaguar also decided to launch their compact midsize SUV. They introduced the vehicle in 2016, and the public was really excited because of its handsome styling and elegant touch.

However, the competition was really high because every car manufacturer was trying to take their SUVs to the next level by introducing advanced technology features. Some automakers were able to launch a winning formula and continued making luxury SUVs, while some failed and made cars that came with a handful of recurring issues.

Unfortunately for Jaguar, it falls into the group of automakers that couldn’t find the winning formula early enough. The F-Pace has had a lot of technical issues, which Jaguar never solved leading many costumers to send in various complaints.

Notably, the 2017 model of the F-Pace is one of the most notorious models. It has a lot of technical issues which are centered around electrical faults affecting things like the infotainment and Start/Stop ignition.

Let’s find out more about these issues and why the F-Pace was one of the unreliable cars in 2017.

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The 2017 Jaguar F-PACE: The Most Common Issues Are The Blank Instrument Panel And The Erratic Start/Stop

The instrument cluster is a computerized source of information for the driver. It displays important details about the vehicle. You can find information about the oil pressure, amount of fuel remaining, and vehicle speed.

That said, you can imagine how devastating it would be if the instrument cluster went blank while driving. Owners of the 2017 models of the F-Pace have complained that the instrument cluster display would occasionally go blank or reset while driving. This isn’t only annoying but also unsafe. If it goes blank when the car is on the highway, there’s a higher risk of a collision due to distraction it’ll cause and the driver not knowing the actual car’s speed.

The other big issue is the erratic behavior with the F-Pace start/stop system. The start/stop is a fuel-saving ignition-cutting system that shuts the engine off when a vehicle is at rest. This system is highly beneficial, and it can be dangerous if it malfunctions.

There have been some complaints that the F-Pace’s engine will turn off in stop-and-go traffic or while making quick hand turns and at other inconvenient moments. This can be very embarrassing in a traffic jam or even dangerous when entering a junction.

Some mechanics have said the reason for this is due to the system getting confused by the seatbelt and the brake pedal pressure. Those two give the F-Pace’s brain mixed signals and make it malfunction, leading it to shut down at inopportune times.

Jaguar claimed the reason for this issue is a faulty instrument pack, which makes it a burden for drivers because they have to replace the whole instrument panel. The start/stop-fail issue can also be caused by a faulty stop lamp switch, which may also need a replacement.

The F-Pace Has Also Had Issues With The Fuel System And The Battery

According to numerous sources, the F-Pace models with the 3.0-liter engine ran into issues where the fuel pump was not secured firmly enough in place because the bolt was too long. A loose fuel pump could cause a fuel leak and fire, if the fuel line cracks from the additional stress.

Another case was that owners of the F-Pace have reported struggling with sudden dead batteries after parking the vehicle for as little as 10 minutes. Some reviewers said the issue could be caused by a software program that continues to run even after the vehicle is turned off. They concluded that this problem might be fixable by a software update.

Other owners have reported similar issues when their F-Pace detects their key fob, and the SUV’s computer starts up programs on the vehicle without the driver’s input. Luckily, Jaguar may sometimes test and replace batteries as part of a warranty, but this is very inconvenient to F-Pace owners.

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Sometimes It Gets Really Hot Under The Hood Of The 2017 Jaguar F-PACE

Unfortunately, Jaguar has not issued a formal recall for this issue, and it’s been really huge. Many clients have said their engines have been overheating. To make matters worse, some even experienced a combination of serious coolant leaks and the engine temperature gauge not properly warning them that things were quickly heating up past safe levels.

This can be a headache because F-PACE owners have to take their vehicles for regular checks at their local Jaguar mechanic store. The mechanics will inspect the cooling system and other systems to identify potential weak spots that may be developing.

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