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5 Cars Danny Koker Will Never Get Rid Of (And 5 Coolest He’s Worked On)

Counting Cars is one of the most popular car TV shows on air. This shop’s owner and the crew leader is Danny ‘The Count’ Koker. Danny is an American reality star, gearhead, lead vocalist of his music band, and celebrity mechanic. His fame and stardom have allowed him to amass a small fortune, and that has allowed him to collect quite a lot of cool cars in his personal garage.

Danny and his crew have worked on tons of cars, but they are big fans of American makes, which reflects on both Danny’s car collection and his shop’s portfolio. Let’s peek inside his garage and work record, and find some of the absolute coolest of them all, shall we?

10 Will Never Get Rid Of: 1973 Buick Riviera

The team undertook a project to take a ‘73 Buick Riviera that’s as beautiful as it’s long and make it even more beautiful…while keeping the same length. They started thinking it would sell for a nice profit once it was done, but Danny loved it so much that he kept it in his own collection.

The person/people in charge of the paint job have outdone themselves with incredible attention to detail and a good color scheme. Of course, they slammed it a bit, and on the inside, it’s got a bespoke interior full of the fluffy velvet stuff.

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9 Coolest He’s Worked On: 1955 Chevrolet Gasser

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air as a Gasser is already pretty cool, to begin with. Give that to Danny and his crew to go wild on it, and you get a badass beast for a car. Count’s Kustoms went all out on this project and turned up with one of their best creations so far.

They went with the old-school pin-stripe-esque paint job. It had not only to look well but perform well too, it’s a gasser after all. So the team installed a 496-ci (8.1-liter) big-block V8 that makes anywhere from 600 to 650 hp.

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8 Will Never Get Rid Of: 1932 Ford Roadster

Believe it or not, Danny’s daily driver used to be this Hot Rod that is mad as a hatter. The name “The Vamp Rod” alone would be enough to explain why we made such a statement.

This ‘32 Roadster from Ford is a sought-after classic already, and after a brief trip to the inside of Count’s Kustoms garage, it became one of the most attractive machines in Danny’s collection.

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7 Coolest He’s Worked On: George Lynch’s 1965 Buick Riviera

If you picture a car, something that a cartoon baddie or Dracula would like to drive, this is something that would come to mind. This ‘65 Riviera belongs to American Guitarist George Lynch. The first things that stand out are the matte-Black color and those sick wheels with the matching paint job.

The Red accents and detailing on the hood is immaculate and simply amazing. Overall, we think the crew did an exceptional job and the owner of the car is one happy guy.

6 Will Never Get Rid Of: 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass

This ‘72 Oldsmobile is a special vehicle. Danny and his crew got their hands on a replica of the 1972 Indianapolis Pace Car. There are only 630 of these in the entire world, and only a quarter of them are convertibles.

Danny got a rare convertible one, so they treated the car with respect and turned it into a beautiful drop-top with a clean pearlescent-white paint job. After that, no one could separate Danny from the Cutlass, and we don’t think he’ll get rid of it anytime soon.

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5 Coolest He’s Worked On: 1962 VW Karmann Ghia

You can mistake a modern supercar for another, but the Karmann Ghia is an instantly recognizable VW. One of the crew members, Shannon, wanted to give his wife a special gift for their anniversary. The entire crew poured their heart out into this project and came up with a gorgeous piece of art.

The Karmann was a beautiful car, to begin with, but the context and the custom job made it one of the best cars to roll out of that workshop gate.

4 Will Never Get Rid Of: 1966 Mustang GT350

The 1966 version is one of the lightest GT350 models in history, and they gave it the name ‘Cobra’ to elevate its badass appearance. Needless to say, Danny had that itch to try to make it even cooler, and he and his crew knocked it out of the park.

The upgraded Mustang GT350 Cobra now sported a clean White paint job with classic Blue strips. Underneath, the muscle car had a K-Code engine (a 289-ci/4.7-liter V8) that made 270 hp.

3 Coolest He’s Worked On: Sparkles 2 (The Dune Buggy)

Other than the Dune Buggies in The Grand Tour, this is perhaps the most modified Dune Buggy to appear on TV. The exterior features a neat color combination of 3 shades of Blue. They covered the exposed engine with Chrome to make the Buggy even shinier.

Count’s Kustoms took the rear lights of a 1967 Mustang and slapped them on the Buggy’s rear end. Overall, it’s one of those projects that stands out and stays memorable as a highlight in their career.

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2 Will Never Get Rid Of: Lamborghini Countach

The Countach is an epic car, to begin with. It’s among Lamborghini’s finest creations and one of the founding pillars of the whole Supercar category. Danny has not one but two of these in his personal collection. Danny loves classic cars, especially ones with a rich and amazing history.

The Countach doesn’t seem to differ greatly from stock, but then again, the Countach is one of the craziest cars from the get-go. It’s easily a valuable and significant addition to Danny’s collection of antique automobiles.

1 Coolest He’s Worked On: Manta Mirage

Very few people have heard about the Manta Mirage outside of the TV show. It’s a kit-body race car from a small company. It never caught up, so the car went out of production soon. These Mantas were kit cars built for racing in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Danny took a project for Borla Induction and it turned out to be one of his best ones so far. They got to make a vintage Manta Mirage and turn it into a show-ready piece of menacing machinery for Borla’s booth in SEMA 2018.

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