An orange-and-yellow engine air filter being assembled in Mann+Hummel's factory

You Need to Change Your Car’s Engine Air Filter

Engine air filter replacement guide highlights:

  • The engine air filter keeps dirt and other junk from contaminating your car’s engine
  • A clogged, dirty air filter can reduce your engine’s performance, damage your spark plugs, as well as cause rough idling, misfires, and even backfires
  • A new filter usually costs no more than $40 and installing it only takes a few minutes

I get it, it’s easy for your car’s simpler maintenance needs to slip into ‘worry about it later’ territory. And many times, the engine air filter is one of them. But as with some other oft-deferred tasks, not changing your car’s air filter regularly can cause a variety of problems. Fortunately, as this guide will explain, this is one maintenance job even beginners can easily tackle.