2018 Renault EZ Ultimo Concept

This Is Why The Renault EZ-ULTIMO Is A Seriously Cool Concept Car

Automakers have produced unbelievably numerous concept cars over the years. From the mind-blowing Bugatti Hyperion XP-1 to the jet-inspired Cadillac Cyclone, automakers throughout the world have brought some of their wildest concepts to life. But most of these concept cars have never gone into production.

Most of the time, these vehicles remained unique creations that were only tested by a select few individuals like Supercar Blondie.

carmakers are producing prototype after prototype in one of the least watched markets. From the land of baguettes and fine wines come some of the coolest concept sports vehicles gearheads have never had the chance to drive.

French automakers have let their creativity run wild during the past 20 years. They continue to be innovative enough to unseat the most well-liked super cars on the market, whether they are producing futuristic hypercars or more conventional passenger cars.

A high roller will want something that radiates the same levels of elegance and assurance that they do. And the Renault EZ-Ultimo concept is a good pick for that.

The EZ-Ultimo concept by Renault made its premiere at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Renault wants to use this electric self-driving car as the ultimate upmarket ride-hailing option for exclusive destinations like resorts.

It is supposed to be a kind of lifestyle-enhancement vehicle, irrespective of how long it has been used. Also, users can call for the supercar and have it for an hour or a day.

Let’s take a deep dive and see how cool this concept car really is

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The Renault EZ-Ultimo Is The Third In A Line Of Amazing Concepts

The third concept from the same modular platform, EZ-ULTIMO, follows EZ-GO, with its idea of shared mobility, and EZ-PRO, a vehicle robot designed for last-mile deliveries. This trio of electric, autonomous, and connected concepts highlights Groupe Renault’s vision for shared urban mobility of the future. The desire to provide sustainable mobility for everyone is what motivates it.

The Renault EZ-Ultimo Is A Different Way Of Looking At Cars

Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s SVP of corporate design, indicated in a statement that “EZ-ULTIMO will deliver an exclusive experience for all. Current architecture is what inspires it and it being fully integrated into future smart cities.” We are entering an exciting era in automobile design with autonomous, electrified, and connected vehicles.

The idea does not emphasize private property ownership. Instead, it’s intended to give us a preview of what high-end ride-sharing might appear and feel like in the future.

Consequently, EZ-ULTIMO is to be accessible on-demand for trips lasting an hour or even a whole day.

The Exterior Is The Only Aspect Of The Renault EZ-Ultimo That Looks Like A Car

The bodywork of the Renault EZ-ULTIMO is two-toned. Champagne with a hint of green colors the car’s lower side, while the upper side is entirely black.

The 600 diamond-shaped facets on the side top section create a one-way mirror. Thus, while seeming fully transparent from the inside, this mirror safeguards the privacy of its users. Without sacrificing seclusion, this feature offers breathtaking views of the surroundings.

The car’s interior is more intriguing, though. You will constantly feel as though you are in your living room and not the car because the entire cabin has a cocoon-like feeling to it. The inspiration for the design actually came from a Haussmannian apartment.

Leather and velvet are what the chairs are fully made out of, while the entire floor is wood. The marble band provides more realism on the sides, while the two pale gold bulbs provide adequate illumination for the cabin.

The materials are all of the highest quality and have been treated specifically for use in automobiles. The car genuinely feels like a luxurious home.

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The Renault EZ-Ultimo Is Both Electric And Autonomous

The EZ-Ultimo, dubbed a robo-vehicle, has a custom chassis with batteries and an electric motor. The drivetrain is comparable to the EZ-Go and EZ-Pro ideas. Under the floor is the battery, and the engine drives the front wheels.

Although there is no information on output, the EZ-Ultimo shouldn’t be that strong given its intended use. Additionally, the EZ-Ultimo might have similar restrictions, given that the EZ-Go’s top speed was only 30 mph.

This indicates that it can operate autonomously both on city streets and highways. The vehicle can take people from a hotel to a tourist attraction or from metropolitan areas and highway infrastructure to an airport.

It does this by using several sensors and cameras housed in little boxes and positioned in the front and back corners of the body. Some are situated in the roof antenna and behind the side portion for increased precision.

If the EZ-Ultimo feels a bit unsafe, worry not. It has a four-wheel steering system that enhances agility and safety even at low speeds by taking inspiration from the sports car industry.

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