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Here’s Why The Tesla Model Y Is The Fastest Selling Used Car In The US

The Tesla Model Y emerged as the fastest-selling used car in the United States in June 2022, according to recent research conducted by ISeeCars.com. The study reveals that a model of this electric SUV, on average, took 24.9 days to sell from a dealer’s lot. This figure is almost two times faster than the standard used-car average of 52.1 days.

This study also reveals that a decent chunk of the vehicles which account for a selling period lower than the industry average for used cars belongs to the alternative fuels category. A testament to this finding is the cars that occupied the rest of the top five slots on this list. The Model Y was followed by Toyota Prius Prime, Mustang Mach-E, Toyota Prius, and Tesla Model 3, in that particular order.

With a host of other all-electric cars currently available in the used-car market, the obvious question here is: what made the Tesla Model Y a vehicle with such a huge demand?

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The Tesla Model Y Is One Of The Safest Vehicles You Can Buy

One of the main reasons which have increased the popularity of any Tesla, not just the Model Y, is the superior safety of these vehicles. The Model Y, in particular, has scored an impressive 5-star rating in crash tests conducted by NHTSA. What adds to this capability is the basic version of Tesla’s autopilot, which comes as standard on every Model Y.

The autopilot is an advanced adaptive cruise control system that provides multiple driver assistance technologies. The list includes autonomous emergency braking, lane centering, blind-spot monitoring, and collision warning, among others. This system uses various cameras mounted on the four corners of the vehicle and is considered one of the most advanced in the auto industry.

What’s interesting to note here is that these cameras are also used in a separate feature called the Sentry Mode. This system ensures your Model Y’s safety when left unattended. When turned on, the Sentry mode uses the cameras to monitor the environment around the Model Y. In case of an intrusion, it not only turns on the car’s alarm and sends a notification to the owner through the mobile app but also starts recording the feed.

The Model Y Has Blistering Performance With An Impressive Range

Despite being a small SUV, the Tesla Model Y has impressive performance figures thanks to its electric powertrain. The electric motors in its Long Range version produce 384 horsepower and are enough to propel it from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds, with a top speed of 135 mph. On the other hand, the electric motors in the Performance version of the Model Y produce 470 horsepower, bringing down the 0-60 mph time to just 3.5 seconds and increasing the top speed to 155 mph.

These ridiculous performance figures do not mean that the Model Y lacks in offering a respectable driving range on its 80.5 kWh battery pack. Its Long Range version has an EPA-estimated driving range of 330 miles on a single charge. Not only this, but the performance version also scores relatively well in this department, with an EPA-estimated driving range of 303 miles.

Being a Tesla, the Model Y also benefits from the brand’s expansive charging network. The automaker has strategically built its supercharging network across the country to ensure a smoother driving experience, and many Tesla owners can vouch for that. These fast chargers can juice up the battery pack of a Model Y at higher charging speeds, allowing the vehicle to gain a range of up to 162 miles in just 15 minutes. For daily use, this electric SUV comes with a standard 110 V charger which can also be upgraded to a 220 V unit for increased charging speeds at home.

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The Tesla Model Y Has A Feature Loaded Yet Practical Cabin

Besides impressive performance figures, practical range, and enhanced safety features, the main highlight of a Tesla Model Y is its minimalist cabin. The interior layout of this electric SUV is simple and clean. The only thing that stands out inside the cabin of a Model Y is its 15-inch touchscreen unit. This screen doubles up as the driver’s instrument cluster and the central infotainment unit of the vehicle. All the vehicle-related controls are operated through this screen.

In addition to having a host of standard features, the Model Y also can improve these features or add new ones through the capability of over-the-air updates. Not only this, but another practical advantage that a Model Y has is the availability of the Tesla Mobile app. An owner can monitor their vehicle and remotely access its features, such as climate control, or track live location through this app. What’s interesting to note here is that it also allows the owner to use their phone as the key to lock and unlock their Model Y.

The cabin of this electric SUV is also reasonably practical. The Model Y has the option of a five or a seven-seat configuration. There is plenty of storage space on offer as well. Being an electric vehicle, it not only has an ample amount of rear cargo volume, but it also comes with additional storage space at the front.

Source: ISeeCars.com

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